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Participant Table Name
Patricia Mwenda‘She Is Not Alone!’ Afrofuturist Wearable Devices For Speculative PTSD Treatment in Kenya
Joey CastilloOddly Specific Objects
Shaughn MartelTech Medic: A DIY Computer Care Zine
Olivier Gauthier, Jean-Michaël Celerier, Edu MenesesOpen Hardware at the SAT: from Control to Telepresence
AleksaThunderScope: A New Type of Oscilloscope that’s Fast, Flexible, and Completely Open!
Alex Custodio and Michael IantornoPortable Power: Modding and Maintaining the Game Boy
Benedict DiederichUC2 – The Arduino for Optics
Matthew ParkerOpen Source Hardware Carbon Removal
Hanine El MirStitching Accessibility: An Interactive Metro Map Embroidery
Kevin WebbHacking open source/open spectrum IoT

2024 Tablers

Micheal Iantorno
Jean-Michael Celerier
Benedict Diederich