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Summit Fellowship

Our 2024 Open Hardware Summit Fellows

Kari Love

Kari Setsuko Love is a Brooklyn-based artist who makes tech-enabled mixed media pieces that demystify technology and ask the question “Who does technology belong to?” She blends her experience as a professional costumer, a NASA space suit contractor, and from co-writing a book on DIY soft robotics to make projects that engage all 5 senses and sometimes even become a part of the user.

Alyshia Bustos

Alyshia Bustos is Ph.D. student in the Computer Science Department at the University of New Mexico. She is an interaction design researcher whose work focuses on HCI, ubiquitous computing, and technology education. She is also is the lead graduate student on the Interactive Mural project and is working on new technology to teach and engage diverse youth in computer science.

Bri Johns

Bri (she/they) has years of experience working at the crossroads of science, technology, and community organizing, and currently serves as the community coordinator for the Gathering for Open Science Hardware (GOSH). This dynamic community is a global network of artists, researchers, activists, hackers, and hardware developers with a clear mission: we aim to make open science hardware ubiquitous by 2025. In addition, Bri co-founded Queer Science!, an award-nominated podcast that explores the intersection of science, society, and queerness. **Bri is also an active member of The International Society of Nonbinary Scientists (ISNBS), co-chair of the open source Special Interest Group (SIG) for the Center for Scientific Collaboration and Community Engagement (CSCCE), and occasionally performs as a drag artist.

Find out more about Bri by visiting their website!

Simon Asare

Simon is an Asante, a proud son of Africa with a brilliant mind and an adventurous spirit. As a Computer Engineer, he thrives on the challenge of enhancing the world around him. He is passionate about life, and seizes every opportunity to create a positive impact on people and the planet while also driving entrepreneurial success. With over a decade of experience, Simon is recognized for his adeptness in business development and his invaluable contributions to Africa’s technology and startup landscape. He has played diverse roles within this industry, serving as a catalyst for ecosystem growth.
Currently pursuing a master’s degree in Information Communication Systems at the esteemed Technical University of Chemnitz, Simon’s academic pursuits complement his real-world endeavors. Alongside his studies, he works at Ibes AG, a leading IT firm in Germany. Simon’s work at Ibes revolves around designing and implementing cutting-edge E-Governance solutions tailored to the unique needs of African nations.
Having weathered life’s storms and savored its fleeting joys, Simon finds solace in music and holds a deep appreciation for its power. In essence, he embodies stoicism and embraces the journey fate has laid before him.

Our fellowship program includes a travel stipend and mentorship program for marginalized people in open hardware.

Are you a marginalized person who loves open source? Apply for our Summit Fellowship and receive a 500$ travel stipend and mentorship in your open source journey leading up to the 2024 Open Hardware Summit

Applications are closed for this year.

Past fellow can be found here:
2022, 2023

The Summit Fellowship was founded as The Ada Lovelace Fellowship in 2013 prior to the annual Open Hardware Summit at MIT by Summit Chair Addie Wagenknecht and OSHWA Director Alicia Gibb as a way to encourage marginalized people in open technology and culture to actively participate and foster a more diverse community within open source.